PHAT Braces

The next generation of Carbon AFOs.

Introducing the "Malleo-Lok" custom ankle gauntlet.

The next generation of "Arizona" type ankle orthosis.

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Bio-Mechanical Composites is dedicated to producing the highest functioning orthosis designs. The comfortable fit of the patient is our top priority; utilizing state of the art fabrication techniques to produce the best quality in the industry.

Introducing the “PHAT Brace 2.0” and “2.0 Active”

The evolution of the PHAT Brace 1.0 takes a step ahead of the IDEO, the Re-aktiv and the Exo-Sym AFOs. Also far surpassing the other PLS and Helios designs currently on the market.

Phatbrace 2.0 Phatbrace 2.0 Active

The PHAT Brace 2.0 has a shorter posterior spring, than the 1.0 design, that attaches into a stirrup that encapsulates the heel. This design has a plantar heel flare that bends at heel strike. This enables the 2.0 design to reduce the knee flexion moment in early stance. The design also provides a faster ramping of resistance strength due to the shorter posterior leaf spring.

The combination of these two features allows the patient to achieve a near normal biomechanical gait pattern. The original PHAT Brace (1.0) provides excellent Energy Return for calf group muscle absence. This shorter range of increasing return with the PHAT Brace 2.0, allows patient to go from walking to higher activities with ease.

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