The “Posterior Spring” AFO

This design consist of a posterior “leaf” spring of Carbon Fiber that extends from the distal aspect of the calf to the plantar aspect of the heel. This design has a long flat spring that produces enough force to substitute for absent calf strength. Because of the long length of the posterior spring, this design allows for a greater range of motion in the sagittal plane and in the transverse plane. This allows the patient to bend the orthosis farther than the ROM needed in ambulation. Assisting in being able to get up off the floor. And in the Transverse plane for rotation. This helps in sports like golfing


The most common application is for a patient that measures a weak or absent calf,plantarflexion strength. Another common use is to control or stabilize the Knee; Hyper-extension due to weakness, a Crouch gait or Toe walking Pathologies including, but not limited too Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Spina Bifida (Ambulatory) Cerebral Palsy (Ambulatory, Low – Moderate Tone)

MS (Ambulatory, Low – Moderate Tone) Gillian Barre

This design is also assistive for Foot Drop with a Valgus/ Varus ankle condition